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Sacramento Kings song created by local singer, songwriter

Singer and songwriter John'nay Lasha wrote her song "Sacramento Kings" in July of last year before the Kings even got their beam!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Kings had a great run this season, and local creatives have gained inspiration from their consistent wins.

Singer and songwriter John'nay Lasha wrote her song "Sacramento Kings" in July of last year, before the Kings even got their beam.

The all-ages song was created to hype up the Kings and their loyal fans and to become an overall theme song to highlight the success of the city.

"Any Kings fan knows that we have been waiting to have our moment for a long time," said Lasha. "It was really, really, really important to me to create a track that manifested a victory, a track that manifested that winning energy."

Born and raised in South Sacramento, Lasha loves being there for the community and giving back. She hosts events for local creatives to perform or even display their art.

Sometime in July after a night of writing and producing, Lasha finished her Sacramento Kings song and sent it to DJ StaceLace, a resident DJ for the Sacramento Kings. DJ StaceLace liked it so much, she played it during the King's season opener in the Golden 1 Center.

Since then, the song has over 4,000 views on YouTube and over 5,000 plays on Spotify. 

"I was inspired to create something for the community, and I'm glad that I can officially say I was the first person to drop a Kings song and to know that we were going to win over and over again."

The hook is: "Big winner energy, this our year." Lasha wanted this song to be fun, something people can dance to and sing along to and she wanted the lyrics to be representative of Sacramento. 

"I started the song with that because I want the Kings to feel like they've got their city on their back," said Lasha. "I just made sure that I continuously spoke of winning, continuously manifesting that it was happening and that we were already waiting. I say this is our year because I had a feeling. I just knew, I just knew."

Lasha's song has been playing various times on the radio in addition to its debut at the season opener for the Sacramento Kings.

"Sacramento is so beautiful to me," Lasha said. "Something about Sacramento that nobody can take from us is our unique qualities, our unique audiences, like we have a city that is catering to so many different types of people. Our creative community has grown and flourished. It's kind of like a parade every time we have a game now and I think we needed that. In the artist community, we are all realizing that we have the power to change how Sacramento is perceived."

You can stream John'Nay Lasha's song "Sacramento Kings" on all platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. 

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