A Sacramento man is seeking justice after what he believes is the murder of his $2,000 African grey parrot.

Mahmoud Ayesh, of Rosemont, says surveillance video he has suggests a friend of his roommate’s friend killed the bird on Tuesday afternoon.

“He was the joy of the house. I would walk in…as soon as I’d come in, he’d say hello,” Ayesh told ABC10, tearing up about his 4-year-old parrot, 2 Chainz. “He was a part of a family… a family member just passed.”

In the surveillance footage, reviewed by ABC10, the roommate’s friend is first seen offering one of Ayesh’s parrots a cigarette.

About an hour later, the man takes the African grey parrot and brings him into the kitchen, out of sight of the camera. While in the kitchen, the faucet can be heard running twice for about six minutes each time.

The man is then seen walking back into the living room without the parrot. He walks up to the other parrot Ayesh owns and says, “Hey there, big mojo. What’s your end going to look like?" That parrot refuses to get out of the cage.

After that, the man goes back into the kitchen and comes back out holding a trash bin. He walks outside for two minutes and then comes back inside with the bin.

A few minutes later, his friend — Ayesh’s roommate — comes home. She tells him not to play with the parrots and explains Ayesh has cameras, to which he tells her, “The other one was dead.”

The woman screams and asks if he killed the bird. He is heard saying that the bird was dead, but then says the bird flew away. She tells him to leave and he does.

The following morning, the woman found the body of the dead bird inside a garbage bin outside the building.

On Thursday, Ayesh took the body of the bird to UC Davis for a Necropsy, a bird autopsy. The preliminary results are expected in about a week.

Meanwhile, Ayesh has filed a report with the Sacramento County Animal Control. They told him they will investigate his case.

“Right now we just want to seek justice for the parrot,” Ayesh said.