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South Sacramento mother fed up with homeless encampment near neighborhood

'I just get excuses. I get told by the impact team that well it's a very well-kept camp. But it's causing health and safety issues,' said Jennifer Jones.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A South Sacramento Mom is fed up with a homeless encampment she says her family has to deal with on a daily basis. 

She reached to ABC10 after calling Sacramento city officials, fire, and police and getting nowhere. 

"The first time that I came out here and saw this, I was completely floored," said Jennifer Jones, who is a resident at Deerfield/Mesa Grande Neighborhood off of Franklin and Valley High. 

Jones had no idea the homeless encampment outside her house, is what she signed up for when she moved into the Deerfield/Mesa Grande Neighborhood in 2018. 

The mother of five says she can see, hear and smell the homeless encampment from her home. 

"We have complained about it. Not because we have a problem with homeless people but because they have been burning toxic like plastic things. And the fumes go into our neighborhood. And they impact everyone who lives in these cul-de-sacs," said Jones.  

She also says they have what she calls raves late at night which keep the family up. 

And despite her complaints to the city manager, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento Police, and Fire, in her eyes, nothing has been done. 

"I just get excuses. I get told by the impact team that well it's a very well-kept camp. But it's causing health and safety issues. So it can't be that well kept if it's the causing the people that live in the neighborhood a problem," said Jones.

We reached out to the Department of Community Response

In a statement, its spokesman says: 

"The Department of Community Response is aware of the people living along Morrison Creek. We visit the area and talk to the residents weekly and we have our contractor, Forensiclean, doing weekly trash pickups there as well. We are working with community organizations, Councilmember Vang’s office and others to offer the people there more appropriate accommodations. Right now, the City is operating under two different court rulings that limit any other action."

But for Jennifer Jones, any other actions taken might be too late. 

"We've actually made the decision that we will be moving within the next year because of this problem. Because I just don't, I don't think it's gonna be changed. So We're gonna move to a different city because Sacramento is not, unfortunately, is not dealing with it," said Jones. 

We also reached out to Sacramento Police. 

They tell us officers responded and did not observe any criminal activity at the encampment. 

It's recommended that reports of criminal activity should be reported to Police. 

But any other concerns with the homeless should be referred to the Department of Community Response. 

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