Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn spoke with ABC10 LNT host Chris Thomas about the Stephon Clark shooting and today’s protests that shut down I-5 and the Golden 1 Center.

Chris Thomas:

We know that 20 shots were fired. We asked our viewers some of the questions people might have for [Chief Hahn]. People want to know: What is the protocol there? Are you supposed to empty the gun? Were 20 shots excessive?

Chief Hahn:

“There’s no way to make a policy that dictates how many rounds somebody shoots because every situation is dynamic. So, that’s part of the investigation, is if in fact 20 rounds was completely outside of policy, that’s one of the things we examine.”

The interview will air on LNT at 11 p.m. along with coverage from Liz Kreutz and Frances Wang at the Golden 1 Center.

You can view the full interview here: