Sacramento Police Department started "Bootcamp Wednesday" last month in October to help with recruiting.

"It's something I've had a passion for awhile," said Stephanie Diringer, a recruit. "I really like the aspect of being able to work in the community."

The idea behind the workout program came from Police Chief Daniel Hahn who had a similar program at his last department in Roseville. Sacramento Police had a running group that would go out on Fridays but it didn't get as much turnout as these workouts.

The workouts are not easy but they're geared for people in different fitness levels.

Like departments all across the country, recruiting has been a challenge.

"Social media is huge," said Louis Canela, Sacramento Police Officer. "The base benefit you get in shape but also the whole networking."

Another struggle is the backlash police departments face but for recruits, this is a calling and other people's perceptions can't change that.

"Going out there and doing what Sac PD believes in and proving and leading by example," Diringer said.

Currently the workouts are at the police department, but in the next few weeks they'll be taking this program to different parts of the city to reach out to people in those communities.

For more information, visit the City of Sacramento website.