This Saturday is Make a Difference Day organized by our Parent company TEGNA, and this year we are partnering with Habitat for Humanity. All this week we are bringing you stories about this great organization and the difference they are making in our community.

Have you ever wondered how they do what they do? There's a place called ReStore that helps Habit for Humanity thrive. And you can get involved.

"It's called the ReStore, but we kind of think about it as Home Depot meets Goodwill," said Leah Miller who is Interim CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento. "What you see here is a whole variety of things. Some of it is brand new. It comes from a big box shop like Home Depot or Lowes or directly from manufacturers."

Miller says, unfortunately, ReStore is too well of a kept secret here in our area.

"Maybe you're doing a remodel on your kitchen," said Miller. "You're pulling out your cabinets and you don't know quite what to do with them? You don't want to take them to the landfill? You can donate them here to Habitat for Humanity at our ReStore and you get a tax deduction."

Miller says last year, ReStore diverted 900,000 pounds of usable materials from the landfill and that generated $940,000 for Habitat Sacramento.

"Well it's a win-win for everyone," said Miller. "It's a win for the donor. It's a win for the person purchasing it. It's a win for the environment. And when we sell, those revenues go to help cover operating costs so that when you make a donation to habitat those dollars go further in helping us to build more homes."

Donating items to ReStore is easy. You just drop them off at the receiving warehouse that's conveniently attached to the store. Supervisor Patrick Kennedy of the County Board of Supervisors will be joining us for the morning kickoff and opening remarks. We will also have Habitat info tables at the event - so organizers want you to come visit.

Unfortunately, you can't build this weekend, but you can stop by, see what they're doing, get information on the project and how to get involved at a future date, and also be sure to grab some Halloween candy.

Make A Difference Day 2017
Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017
3821 43rd Ave., between 43rd Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

The build time is from 8:00 in the morning to 11:30 a.m.