Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ visit to Sacramento was welcomed with open arms by some and demonized by others on Wednesday.

Sessions’ visit to the State Capitol was to announce at a California Peace Officers Association conference, a federal lawsuit against California for its laws protecting undocumented immigrants.

Floyd Johnson II, 19, is President of the California State University Sacramento College Republicans. The group is one that welcomed Sessions and is starkly against sanctuary policies.

"I think it sets a very dangerous precedent because that's something that not only endangers the civilians within the state, but also other civilians in other states,” Johnson said.

He said Sessions’ visit and announcement should send a strong message to sway other states from considering sanctuary laws.

"There are legal ways of entering the United States,” Johnson said. “There are people who have immigrated here legally and there are people who are waiting in line,” Johnson said.

Johnson said those who enter the United States illegally are cheating those who are following the rules.