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Sacramento State kicks off Happiness Day with campus celebration

This event was to celebrate, promote and explore the idea of what it means to live a happy life.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento State University's Psychology Department hosted its very first Happiness Day event today, and the room was filled with smiles!

This department-led event was to celebrate, promote and explore the idea of what it means to live a happy life. Students and faculty got the chance to learn the importance of happiness and even participated in activities that embody gratitude, mindfulness and kindness.

"Happiness is important and happiness matters," said Professor Meliksah Demir, Sacramento State's Endowed Professor in Happiness and Psychology. "Happiness is not a luxury, it's a necessity in our lives because being happy confers tons of benefits to us and we're just reminding our student population and faculty and staff about it."

Explainer boards were set up around the room for students and faculty to read about how happiness is measured, what makes people happy, how close relationships can lead to happiness, how money and politics have an effect on happiness, national differences in happiness and more.

"We are learning about the research of happiness, what it means to be happy, and how it is studied in the field of psychology," said Katie Mocassa, an organizer of Sacramento State's Happiness Day. "We are also learning how to increase our own levels of happiness through happiness-promoting activities or interventions that are supported by research. Happiness is a necessity, a human right so we should focus on ways to promote everyone's happiness as a collective group."

Students and faculty also got the chance to express what makes them happy at the good vibes station where they wrote down what makes them happy, what they're grateful for and even Herky the Hornet, Sacramento State's mascot made a visit to give hugs and support!

"Happiness is such an important subject and it's a daily part of everyone's lives," said Annie Yee, an organizer of Sacramento State's Happiness Day. "So far, what I've learned in the class, Psychology of Happiness, really spoke to me. Practicing gratitude and the ways of happiness has really improved my life."

March 20 is International Day of Happiness and Sacramento State is not only celebrated early but also raised awareness.

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