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WEAVE gets $300,000 to help women escaping abuse in Sacramento

Most of the women at WEAVE have experienced financial abuse, CEO Beth Hassett told ABC10.
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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — The Sacramento City Council last week approved funding for non-profit Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE). The non-profit provides permanent housing to women and their children in short-term shelters escaping domestic violence.

$300,000 was granted to WEAVE, which will serve up to 100 women and their families experiencing homelessness. They will provide assistance navigating permanent housing, food, employment services, and more. 

WEAVE also aids in helping women rebuild their lives after financial abuse. Additionally, they will offer ready-to-rent classes and teach people how to be a good tenant, Chief Executive Officer Beth Hassett of WEAVE told ABC10. 

"Most of the women that come here have experienced financial abuse, have ruined credit, have had their identity stolen," Hassett told ABC10. "Some have been coerced into signing documents that affected their credit."  

Hassett told ABC10 that WEAVE doesn't get much funding from the city. She said they are very grateful because it helps increase their support system.

The city funds will help WEAVE hire a housing specialist, help women finish their education, and add other positions to support their mission. Women escaping domestic violence can receive help paying a security deposit and help to pay off debt. 

“Domestic violence is one of the main reasons women and children become homeless,” said Department of Community Response Director Bridgette Dean in a news release. “And too often, the experience of poverty and homelessness becomes a multi-generational problem.


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