A 12-year-old Truckee girl's dream came true Tuesday when she got pulled on stage by Paul McCartney.

Tatum Verbeck is a Beatles superfan and was surprised with an early Christmas gift to see McCartney live at the first show in the Golden 1 Center.

"It's defiantly something I'm going to remember forever, but I'm just really happy I got to share the experience with her," said Tatum of being at the show with her mom.

Tatum said she noticed on McCartney's Instagram page that he posted pictures of people with signs on stage with him.

So her mission? Make a sign.

First she had to choose a song lyric and looks like she made the right choice.

It read: 'I'm 12 and I want to hold your hand'.

During the concert Tatum's mom, Holly Verbeck, said she got a tap on her shoulder telling them they could go backstage.

Tatum and two others waited anxiously. Then it was the middle schooler's moment.

McCartney held her hand and she even got a kiss on the cheek from the rock 'n' roll legend.

A night like this couldn't have happened to a more perfect person.

The 12-year-old is currently taking a college class on Beatles history at Truckee Meadows Community College.

“I’m too young to enroll in the class. I wanted to go and so my mom said 'ok', so if I have to drive you any ways I’ll just enroll and then you can come with me," Tatum said.

She has a lot to tell her college classmates and educate her younger ones one on, including showing off her new guitar pick from Sir Paul.