The game of darts is a simple game many enjoy playing with friends at a bar.

Tyler Burnett, a 15-year-old from Sacramento, is one of the most talented youth dart players in the country. He recently qualified for one of the most prestigious dart tournaments in the world: the America's Cup.

"I'm the only youth male to go from North America," Burnett said. "It's a very prestigious tournament. It means a lot to go."

For the very first time, Team USA is sending a youth team, one girl and one boy and that boy just so happens to be Tyler.

"I think he's got a great shot, a really good shot at taking down the boys youth title," said Tyler's father, Scotty Burnett - a former semi-pro dart player himself.

Tyler often gets challenged by his friends at school but none of them have been able to defeat the 15-year-old. He says darts is a big part of his life.

"It doesn't get boring for me and it's just fun for me to play."