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3 arrested in 'unlawful assembly' at state Capitol again after 2 groups clash

Sacramento police said three people were arrested during a protest where two separate groups clashed against each other.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — 7:09 p.m. update:

Sacramento police said three people were arrested at a protest where two groups clashed at the state Capitol. 

Police said some of the charges against the three include resisting arrest and weapons violations. 

Four officers were injured during the demonstrations, and some police gear was damaged from thrown objects. A police vehicle was damaged as well.

Someone's cellphone was stolen by protesters, which police are still investigating. 

About 170 Sacramento Police officers were at the demonstration and were helped by outside agencies. 

Original story:

Two groups clashed at the Capitol on Saturday, Sacramento police said.  

Police described one group as wearing all black, body armor, helmets and shields. Police did not describe the second group involved. 

Police tried to keep the two groups separated but reports of altercations between the two groups emerged. Objects were also reported to be thrown at one point. 

Police said arrests were made but did not say which group they belonged to or how many were arrested. Both groups have since dispersed from the area.     

Protests have been organized in the previous weeks against the stay-at-home orders and the 2020 election results. It is not clear from Sacramento Police's Twitter that the protest that occurred were apart of the same protest the city experienced before.

Another protest that consisted of Punjabi farmers from the greater Sacramento area held a demonstration where they drove from Sacramento State to the Capitol to stand in solitary with India's farmers. 

Demonstrators are against new laws that take away a farmer's right to go to court for a dispute against a private company and allows anyone to horde an essential commodity.    

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