While everyone welcomed in the New Year on Jan. 1, the winter weather followed.

As low temperatures are expected in Sacramento, residents must aim at taking the necessary precautions. These can include a variety of things, involving staying warm and keeping your items safe, as well as your home.

According to the city of Sacramento website, here are three things to keep in mind while worrying about safety of your home from the cold weather:

1. Make sure debris is cleared from gutters and downspouts

The usefulness of this task will stop debris from impeding water flow during rain. This keeps the water able to flow in drains and prevent flooding. If flooding does occur, despite the removal of debris, picking up sand bags is an effective way to combat flooding.

2. Be cognizant of outdoor items and pipes

Despite the rain, avoid bringing outdoor heating devices indoors, like barbecues or other fuel-burning devices.

Learning where your water shutoff valves are at your home is important just in case a pipe bursts. Also, to avoid pipes being frozen, you can insulate them and allow faucets to drip.

3. Make sure you have an emergency plan

In February 2017, the area dealt with flooding due to the unexpected excess amounts of rain, and many residents saw the headaches of trees falling into homes due to high winds, flooding and more.

Having an emergency plan could potentially help avoid dire issues and prevent your home from heavy damage inflicted upon it.

If you live in the city, you can call 311 for service that includes flooding, downed trees, street signs, streetlights or more. If you live in the county, contact (916) 875-5171 for services regarding flooding, downed trees or branches, and for water, sewer or drainage issues call (916) 875-7246.