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5 tips to stay safe with at-home fireworks on the Fourth of July

UC Davis surgeon Dr. Christopher Bayne gives some tips on how you can practice safe, private fireworks use this Fourth of July.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It's safe to say this Fourth of July won't be like any other. Due to cancellations of most public fireworks displays, some people may feel inclined to put on fireworks displays in their own backyards.

And while that may seem like a good idea, experts say you may want to rethink lighting that TNT.

"Like we suggest every year, but especially this year, it's really important to be very careful when using fireworks," said UC Davis surgeon Dr. Christopher Bayne. "If you're going to do any fireworks shows on your own, please follow the safety instructions."

The top safety tips Bayne gives are as follows:

  1. Make sure you don't hold a lit firework.                                                        
  2. Make sure you're in a wide-open area away from flammable material.       
  3. Make sure firework expiration dates have not passed.                                
  4. Have a big bucket of water nearby for used fireworks.                                  
  5. Be extra careful with children around.

"Please…I really urge people to be careful with children," Bayne warned. "It is not uncommon that children very young, even infants, come in with injuries because they get a hold of something and people don't necessarily know that these children have access to fireworks."

Believe it or not, Bayne said he has already treated patients the last couple weeks from fireworks-related injuries. He says the number one mistake people make each year is holding lit fireworks in their hands longer than they should. He encourages everyone to please be safe.

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