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7 Valentine's Day gift ideas for 2019

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, buying last-minute gifts could be stressful. Check out some of these gift ideas for him or her.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — There are plenty of people that plan in advance, but for the rest of us, we have less than a week to get that special person something that shows that we care. 

And three days before Valentine's Day is usually enough time to order a last-minute gift for your loved one.

Here are some good last-minute gift ideas:

Cologne or Perfume

According to Kristen Weir, the author of Scents and Sensibility, the way people smell can affect how we interact with each other. Cologne or perfume makes a good gift so that both people in the relationship are happy with each other's smell. 


Valentine's Day idea: Give them a heart shaped Papa Murphy's Pizza and go on a picnic! #LoehmannsPlaza

People love pizza, so why wouldn't they love pizza in a heart? You can place an order online with Papa Murphy's on Valentine's Day or possibly call ahead to plan for a pizza.

Fortnite gear

The game Fortnite continues to be on the top of people's minds this Valentine's Day. There are plenty of figurines and Fortnite-themed clothing for purchase. There is also room for creativity with DIY, Fortnite gifts.

Twerking Llama and friends

This gem of a gift is available at Walmart. It may not be useful all year round, but at least it is a good laugh.

Plan a trip

The Deerfield Lodge at Heavenly was ranked seventh on a list of the most romantic hotels in the nation by Trip Advisor. This resort in South Lake Tahoe is close to the lake, near golf courses and other activities. The price for a room can range from $130 to $450 a night, and it is not too far away from home, so no flights are necessary.


An oldie but a goodie is chocolate. There are several chocolatiers, like Ginger Elizabeth's, to support in the greater Sacramento region to fill your chocolate needs for the holiday.


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If you want to buy your sweetie something long-lasting you can name a bug after your loved one.