Workers at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter say that Thomas the puppy is recovering after spending 5 hours in surgery.

The dog was brought into the shelter March 7 with head trauma. He was found on Peck Drive and Harley Way, near Florin Road and may have been hit with a heavy object.

The vet staff named the puppy Thomas.

After examining Thomas experts decided to perform a craniotomy surgery to remove the loose bone fragments resting on his brain. If those fragments were not removed the damage to the right hemisphere of his brain would impact his balance, hearing, sight and cognitive process.

However, the surgery is very expensive, costing more than $10,000

Vet staff took to crowdfunding site 'YouCaring' Wednesday to raise money for Thomas.

The community came together and raised the money in less than 24 hours. As of 5 p.m. Thursday, 321 donors raised $12,226.

Thomas went into surgery Thursday and 5 hours later is recovering in the ICU.

Staff said they are thrilled he made it through and are eagerly awaiting results of the surgery and prognosis.