To the top of mount Everest and back. It’s an incredible feat, but try doing it blind.

Eric Weihenmayer lost his sight at age 13. In his late 20’s, he became the first blind man reach the summit of the world’s tallest mountain.

“You are standing on top of a little island the size of a single car garage and you can’t believe you are there.” Weihenmayer said. It took 3 months and a team of dedicated friends for Erik to break the summits barrier. An accomplishment that led him to climb 7 more major mountains and kayak down the Grand Canyon.

This weekend Weihenmayer is hiking Lake Tahoe with special needs men and women. Helping people find their potential is Weihenmayer’s new summit.

“The outdoors, whether you can see it or not or walk it or not is beautiful and it’s a rugged place to let people think about what their potential is.” Weihenmayer said.

The former teacher turned, extreme outdoorsman now helps run No Barriers, an organization that inspires people with special needs to reach new limits.

“There is all these barriers that knock us down," Weihenmayer said. "in a way they unite us.”

Weihenmayer tours the country exposing people to new technology in prosthetics and special needs tools, that may help them break a barrier. If you are interested in viewing some of these inventions, the No Barriers innovation room is open to the public for free. You can find them at Squaw Valley Resort at North Lake Tahoe, June 1 through June 4.