After nearly 30 years, B Street Theatre is moving to a new location and building on Capitol Avenue.

"It's a mixture of all the emotions," said Dave Pierini, artistic producer. "We're feeling everything. We're a little nostalgic about leaving this place."

Pierini says he grew up at B Street Theatre. He started with the company at 20-years-old.

He's excited to move into the new building called the Sofia on Capitol Avenue.

"For us it's what we can do," Pierini said. "Our stage is gonna be so much bigger. We'll have trap space. The ceiling you see is right there but we'll have cat walks. We'll be able to do so much with our sets and lights."

Some of the items at B Street Theatre will be brought to the Sofia, others will be trashed or sold.

"I cannot wait for the first night of the first show," Pierini said. "Hitting the stage and seeing our audience and seeing those 7,000 subscribers. Seeing their reaction to being in that building."

The grand opening for the Sofia is February 2.