A Sacramento man has filed a lawsuit with the California Superior Court in Sacramento County against his former employer, Vivint Solar, for racial harassment and discrimination.

Teshawn Solomans lawyer, Corey Bennett, says one reason his client is suing the company is because his co-workers built a clubhouse with a sign that read, White Only in the office near his desk. He was also allegedly referred to by the n-word by his white co-workers throughout his employment.

Vivint Solar is a company that installs solar panels in homes.

"He was shocked, Bennett said. He was in disbelief, and he suddenly was fearing for his safety. It's strange to have to tell a solar company that sunshine is the best disinfectant, but it's pretty clear that Vivint Solar needs to open its doors and look at what's going on inside it's warehouses.

According to the official complaint filed in court this week, Soloman was also told to reach his black hands out when being handed a box by a non-African American supervisor.

"He really needed this job. He couldn't afford to quit, but he felt like his safety was in jeopardy, Bennett said. “We're seeking monetary damages for the emotional damages, the financial damages that my client has suffered. I think we would also like to see the company take this seriously in terms of addressing the personnel who participated in this.”

After the complaint was issued, Vivint Solar released the following statement:

We typically have a policy of not commenting on specific personnel matters or pending litigation. However, in this case, we wish to extend a sincere apology to Mr. Solomon for the deeply concerning and understandably upsetting situation he endured. Mr. Solomon's experience was an isolated one and it has been addressed by our HR team to ensure something like this never happens again. Mr. Solomon's experience simply does not reflect the values or culture of Vivint Solar and stands in direct contradiction to our core values as a company.

You can read the full complaint below: