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Bradshaw Animal Shelter needs your old newspapers to help kittens

The animal shelter said they go through a ton of newspaper during "kitten season."

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Do you have any leftover newspapers lying around your house? Instead of trashing it, why not donate it to Bradshaw Animal Shelter. 

The animal shelter uses old newspapers to line their cages throughout "kitten season." The shelter is starting to run low and took to Facebook to ask for more.

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"We are nearly out and the kittens are still rolling in," read the shelter's Facebook post. "Do you have any newspaper laying around at home you can donate to our bitties?!" 

Newspapers can be dropped off at the shelter day or night at the intake door of the shelter on Bradshaw Road. The intake door is just off to the left of the main entrance. 

Donations are collected several times a day. 

In June, Bradshaw Animal Shelter claimed to have had nearly 700 kittens in foster care. They took to social media to ask for donations. Days later, Sacramento County said spay and neuter programs were on the chopping block as a way to save the county approximately $110,000 dollars.

Bradshaw Animal Shelter is located at 3839 Bradshaw Road. If you have questions, call Bradshaw Animal Shelter at (916)368-7387. 

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