As tech evolves, so does the agriculture industry.

A Lodi start-up called "Branch to Box" is capitalizing on the farm to fork phenomenon by bringing fresh fruit from a family farm straight to office doors across California.

"Consumers are wanting to know where their stuff comes from and taking out that middle man creates the direct relationship between the farmer and the consumer," Chiles Wilson, the founder of Branch to Box, said. "So we see it with innovative companies. Amazon. Everything’s getting faster and more direct."

Wilson comes from a family of farmers. His father is one of the owners of the Rivermaid Trading Company, which sells a majority of its fruit to grocery stores around the world.

"A small percentage we’re trying to go straight from farm to fork or from branch to box," Wilson explained.

The cost of the boxes, which comes with several varieties of fruit and small bags of nuts and snacks, vary. A small box, for instance, is $24. A larger box that serves 30 people costs $39.

But Wilson says any extra cost is made up in convenience and freshness of the fruit.

"You're certainly getting it a lot faster," he said, as he picked up a pear. "This pear was picked today, but if this pear was to go to a grocery store it would be there in about a week.

"So, cutting out a week on something perishable is quite a bit."

Right now, the company is predominately focused on serving businesses, however Wilson said the "ideal plan" is to eventually ship straight to people's homes, too.