"Several" California conservatives sick of living in a blue-leaning state have shown interest in a new business that helps them move to Texas, the founder and former California congressional candidate, Paul Chabot, told ABC10.

Chabot, a Republican who recently moved to McKinney, Texas himself after losing a congressional race in southern California, launched "Conservative Move" on May 23. Since then, Chabot said more than 1,000 people from across the country have reached out.

75 percent of those are from California and several appear to be from the Sacramento area.

Chabot received this email from a Peter who lives in Davis: “Please give me the launch code. I can’t get out of here soon enough. Reagan Democrat now a Republican – outnumbered at every turn. Send help fast.”

Terry from Sacramento sent him this: "This is something I have been looking for for a very long time. I'm a pilgrim in an unholy land.”

And Leslie from Elk Grove wrote to Chabot saying she has seen a similar trend.

“Many folks that I work with to help sell their home are moving out of California for the very reason you created your company," she said.

Chabot said his focus is currently on moving people to north Texas, but that it could eventually expand to other conservative areas in the country.

His business helps people who are interested find jobs and homes in the area.

The website for the company explains that Texas is desirable for its "solid conservative values" and "incredible" cities -- many of which, they note, have been rated by Money Magazine as Best Places to Live.