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California politicians march to state Capitol as COVID-19 deaths rise

California politicians are marching to the state Capitol to protest stay-at-home orders as the state reported 695 deaths in a day.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Some California politicians are leading protesters to the Capital to demand the state reopen as deaths to the coronavirus are rising.  

California reported 695 deaths in a day on Saturday. Sacramento County reported 977 deaths since the start of the pandemic. 

The protest comes after its first day of a group's weekend conference called "Re-open Cal Now" met on Friday to discuss reopening. According to the group's website, they recognize "Covid is real" but that the state is selecting only data and science that supports their political goals.  

Sacramento Supervisor Sue Frost, Riverside Supervisor Jeff Hewitt and Orange Supervisor Don Wagner are leading the protest. 

"The whole idea of the conference, the whole goal of the conference is going to be to inform local policymakers on everything we can learn about COVID and the impacts on the lockdowns from COVID," Frost said. "The idea is so we can make informed decisions try to figure out how to open California quickly and safely.”  

The conference and protest come the same week President Donald Trump supported stormed the US Capitol Building to stop the U.S. Congress from certifying the electoral college results. 

Four people are dead, 83 are arrested and 50 DC police officers were injured amid the riot.   

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