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Just five months ago, High Times organizers pulled off the first California marijuana festival where recreational marijuana was legally purchased on-site.

And it almost didn't happen.

Organizers needed a permit from the city and didn't realize it until a few weeks leading up to the event. They got the permit just a few days before.

"It was the first one in the state. I think like many thing related to cannabis, it's been a learning experience on all sides, both on local and those being regulated," said Joe Devlin, Sacramento's Chief of Cannabis Policy & Enforcement.

Devlin called the first event “largely uneventful.”

"There were not any major violations of the law or cannabis regulations," said Devlin. "That's a good thing,"

So what is happening with the second Cannabis Cup, scheduled for the weekend before Halloween? According to both organizers and Devlin, its been postponed to Spring 2019.

In a statement to ABC10, organizers noted California Assembly Bill 2020 has new, expanded guidelines that make events like theirs more difficult to access. Devlin confirmed that after some delay, the city did receive $60,000 in tax liability from organizers. Devlin applauds Sacramento for being at the forefront.

"We are a thorough leader on this subject. We are not [afraid] of being the first ones to attempt something," Devlin said. "I think the council and the mayor have shown a lot of encouragement in implementing thoughtful regulations around a substance that is in our community and has been for a long time."

Those who have purchased tickets can keep them for the future event. You can also request a refund by emailing CannabisCupHelp@HighTimes.com.

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