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Common car insurance claims and prevention during storms

A majority of people have car insurance that will cover storm damage.

After multiple storms hit the Northern California region, many people are left with the destruction which includes damage to their cars. 

While some people had large trees land on their vehicles, just driving around in a storm can lead to debris build up under the hood.

Clearing out the track is just one of the many services Mike and Sons has been performing because of the storms. Froylan Flores is the shop manager and says clean out prevention can save your car.

“There’s a lot of water building in their floor boards because of the sun roofs, some of them are not being unclogged so it just builds debris in there and brings the water through the side panels into the floor boards,” said Flores.

They are seeing an increase in customers for these prevention services, for damages and for claims. With this kind of weather, little things like a cracked taillight could lead to big electrical problems with a big sticker shock. 

For those lost in the insurance paperwork, your mechanic can help.

“They want to let us know they want to include the insurance after that we call the insurance let them know what’s going on who their client is, build the claim and ultimately we take over from there,” said Flores.

AAA says the most important thing is to take pictures and start the claim as quickly as possible. According to the Insurance Information Institute 80% of people in the United States have comprehensive car insurance which covers storm damage, according to Janet Ruiz with the communications office.

If you’re still making car payments you likely have it.

“It will cover any damage from fallen trees, flood water, debris that hits the car in this type of storm,” said Ruiz.

The institute also says to check and see if you have car rental included in your insurance so you can be provided a rental car while yours is being fixed.

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