From the streets of Skid Row to the state Capitol building, one man decided to bike it all for people experiencing homelessness today.

The man on the bike is Union Rescue Mission (URM) CEO Andy Bales, URM is one of the biggest missions in the U.S..

"I didn't just ride to speak up for union rescue mission, I rode to speak up for the state not state government but to the whole state that we should not let one precious human being suffer homelessness on the streets, it devastates people, it kills people and we are allowing our greatest resource to perish," Bales said.

Bales has a prosthetic leg which he received less than a year ago. Three flesh eating bacteria attacked it while he was serving the homeless in Skid Row.

Bales said he decided to complete this ride after a supporter committed to donating $1 million to help the Union Rescue Mission.