Broadway Comics and Cards is closing after nearly 30 years.

Wilson Lew opened the store after finding a passion for comics.

"I was working, but I still had that burning desire and I saw this place open up for lease and approached the landlord and this is where I got it," Lew said.

He said he closed because of online competition and rising rent prices.

"The biggest reason I guess was in November I got a letter raising saying your rent is being raised again," Lew said. "This being the second time in 12 months."

He also said the comic book industry has changed significantly such as the quality of work.

"I've lost the passion for comics," Lew said. "I like the old, the issues but as far as the new stuff. It's just too much."

He said he's looking forward to closing and spending more time with family. However he will miss all the people he's met.

"It's been incredible since I announced the closing," Lew said. "All these people have been coming in through all the years. From year one to today."

Adam Mellow has been coming here for years.

"It's the old stuff that you got into the new stuff so this is where you can find the original," Mellow said. "This is the source."