SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Community members came together to honor and seek justice for the family of 14-year-old De'Sean Rowe-Manns.

His mother, Nancy Rowe-Manns, said it's been a hard week since she lost her son.

"You get to a point where you remember every day," Rowe-Manns said. "At first you wake up and you're like, 'This is a dream. I'm gonna wake up. I'm gonna wake up.' Then you get to a point, which is where I'm at, when you remember every day he's not here."

Her son was riding his bike early Wednesday morning on September 19 before a car hit him and drove off. It happened off Watt Avenue near Whitney Avenue. De'Sean died at the hospital and the family still doesn't know the driver responsible.

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"Somebody had to see something," Rowe-Manns said. "I'm thinking this person came to work this way every morning. It's a Wednesday morning or they're in this area a lot."

A memorial is set up by loved ones by where it happened. It's filled with flowers, candles, and messages for her son.

"I think people across Sacramento county, the city, are devastated and outraged," said Danielle Lawrence, Arden-Arcade Black Child Legacy Campaign lead. "I think that ultimately the people that who knew De'Sean are hurt and they're hurting."

Lawrence was one of the organizers of the gathering Friday night, to raise awareness to seek justice for the Rowe-Manns family.

"Honestly, it's a tragedy and we wanted to do this for the family and for De'Sean's legacy and for his family to the tragedy that the person who did this comes out," Lawrence said.

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