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Dinosaur Safari roars into Sacramento Zoo

The exhibit with 20 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs opens Thursday, featuring dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era — also known as the 'Age of Reptiles.'

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A 40-foot long Tyrannosaurus rex, along with other diverse packs of long-extinct dinosaurs, can now be seen at Dino Don's Dinosaur Safari at the Sacramento Zoo.

Opening on Thursday, the exhibit of ancient dinosaurs runs through April 17, 2022, with 20 lifelike animatronic creatures on display.

The dinosaur supplier lending his name to the exhibit is Don Lessem, an advisor to director Stephen Spielberg for the 1993 movie "Jurassic Park."

According to his website, Lessem's animal animatronics company creates scientifically accurate dinosaur models for sale or rent — also advising both Universal and Disney theme parks.

"An exhibit 65 million years in the making," the Sacramento Zoo said in a press release. "Take a journey back through time. Past the elephant birds and the mammoths. Past the dire wolves and titanoboa. You found yourself among titans."

The Dinosaur Safari is included in an admission ticket or season pass, and free for Sacramento Zoo members.

While the dinosaurs in the exhibit are designed to move around and make noise, they were designed and created under scientific supervision to ensure safety and accuracy.

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