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Dive Bar, Sacramento police investigating alleged drugged drink

One woman’s tweet got hundreds of comments after she accused the K Street bar of serving her a drink that had been drugged.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento’s popular “Dive Bar” and the Sacramento police are investigating an alleged drugging that had Reddit and Twitter buzzing this week.

Angel Gonzales told ABC10 that she and her friend each ordered an AMF — a drink known for how strong it is —at the bar on the night of July 11.  

Within five minutes, Gonzales said she felt drunker than she’s ever been in her life — and she hadn’t even had more than a sip of the drink she ordered. She knew something was wrong.

“I was numb...I can’t feel my face. Everything just got kind of blurry,” Gonzales said. “I was seeing my hand in sequence...I was seeing faces in walls…”

At the hospital, Gonzales said she was told that most date rape drugs don’t show up in urine tests, so there wasn’t much they could do to help her prove that something had been put in her drink.

With no way to prove that she had been drugged, Gonzales took to Twitter on Monday.  A place she said she typically goes to vent.

“So I got roofied at Dive Bar by the bartenders on Thursday night, I’m barely feeling better,” she Tweeted on July 15. “How the f*** is Sac PD going to tell me they can’t do s***? How the f*** is the owner of Dive Bar going to read my message and not reply? How the f*** is this fair...it’s not.”

As of Thursday, July 18, there were 7,614 likes and more than 130 concerned and angry comments on the post. Some saying that similar things have happened to them at other bars in Sacramento.

On top of that, screenshots of the tweet have been shared on the Sacramento subreddit, where more than 200 Reddit users have urged Gonzales to file a report, sue the bar, or simply commented that they will tell their friends to not go to Dive Bar again.

Dive Bar told ABC10 that they are conducting an internal investigation and emailed the following statement on July 18:

"We are currently conducting our own internal investigation. As of today, we have yet to find any evidence that substantiates the alleged victim's claim; however, we are fully cooperating with law enforcement and have granted them full access to our video surveillance system for the date in question. We welcome any form of information that may bring about a swift and just resolution to this matter."

Alcohol Beverage Control ( ABC) is looking into the allegations as well. Their agency tells ABC10, the Dive Bar has been licensed since 2016 and they have a clean record.

Gonzales said that she isn’t doing this for money or attention. She wants to be heard by a business that has done nothing to respond to the numerous messages she said she has sent them since the incident happened.

Since the screenshot of Gonzales's tweet was posted to the Sacramento subreddit, several people have gone to the Dive Bar Facebook page to demand answers. As of July 18, they have not responded to those posts.

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