Dozens advertised but there is only one legal marijuana delivery service in Sacramento.

A lot of businesses are trying to cash in with recreational marijuana, but as we dug deeper only one is operating legally within Sacramento.

Ohana Gardens is the only one with a state license for a non-storefront.

They have company vehicles equipped with cameras surrounding each car and coolers to carry products.

"After we did our checks and balances storefronts are getting a lot of community pushback and we didn't want to battle the community," said Nasser Azimi with Ohana Gardens.

It took a year for Ohana to go through all the permitting with the state.

Dozens of companies advertise marijuana deliveries however according to Sacramento only Ohana is legal.

"It's competition for us and we're puzzled by that particular scenario," Azimi said. "A lot of those underground operators most likely are not testing their products. Not licensed to essentially do their taxing responsibilities. We are a bit concerned about that."

Azimi wants to see Sacramento and other localities collaborate to take action to shut down operators.