SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Family Series at B Street Theater is producing an original play celebrating some of the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement.

"Martin Luther King and the Sound of Freedom" is a theatrical experience that combines drama, music, and history, while highlighting activists who are not as well known as Dr. King or Rosa Parks. The show is intended for families with children in the fourth grade and older.

“Parents, this is the perfect thing to bring your kid to because it really is a unique opportunity to have an experience with your child and open up the doorway to one of the most significant eras in our American history," Jerry Montoya, writer of "Sound of Freedom" and Executive Director of the B Street Theater, said.

Montoya wants to remind audiences of all backgrounds that the civil rights movement is part of our shared American heritage.

“This is an American story," Montoya said. "If we can take the hyphen out, and own it as Americans then we can incorporate it into our true history. And not see it as something that is separate, or side note to American history. This is American history.”

"Martin Luther King and the Sound of Freedom" runs until Sunday, Feb. 3 at the Sophia: Home of the B Street Theater in Midtown. Tickets start at $12 during the week and $19 for weekend shows. 

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