The recent “ugly” rhetoric displayed during the 2016 US Presidential campaign is having an effect on children, child psychology experts say.

Dr. Stephen Brock is a child psychologist with more than 25 years’ experience and a professor at California State University Sacramento.

"I think any election is emotionally charged and I think this one in particular,” Brock said.

The recent outcome had millions of Americans content but also left millions of Americans in discontent for their candidates loss.

The “ugly” rhetoric and personal attacks that happened during the campaign may be mimicked by children. Graduate students working in the field at places like schools have reported students feeling upset and an increase of bullying, Brock said.

"As I think essentially are school children are modeling some of the behavior adults display,” Brock said.

However, both parents and professionals can ease the stresses of children by taking simple steps:

  • No matter how you feel about the election, don’t show it, remain calm and collected.
  • Be available to answer questions and only answer the questions asked.
  • Don’t let children know who you voted for. Children need to trust that they can speak to you about the topic without being judged.