Eating local, sustainable and seasonal is something we hear a lot in our farm-to-fork capital city, and that message is starting to make its way to school lunch rooms in our area as well.

Thursday in El Dorado county, schools celebrated "California Thursday", which encourages serving California foods to California kids. On the menu today was organic chicken, locally produced whole grain rice and broccoli.

In the classroom, nutrition curriculum connects kids to the story of their food. They then take those lessons to the lunchroom and chow down.

“It’s important to know where your food comes from and what you're eating,” said Kim Andreasen, director for Food Nutrition Rescue. “Are you eating from a farmer down the street? You know – local. That’s what we are trying to promote."

All meals fit within the FDA and California Educational guidelines for calories, sugar and fat.

What this program aims to do is take healthy eating a step further by showing kids how their choices correlate to physical and academic success.