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Sacramento to move Front Street 'Safe Parking' site to new Miller Park location

The move will start in mid-June as crews and apparatus will occupy the area currently part of the 'safe parking' site for a marina cleanup.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A temporary "safe parking" site for the homeless in Sacramento is slated to be moved by the city as cleanup occurs at the Sacramento Marina. 

In mid-June, around 27 people and 17 cars are expected to be moved by officials with the City of Sacramento from the "safe parking" site on Front Street to a segment of Ramp Way in Miller Park, the city said Thursday.

The new site, which city officials have described as an "unused" segment of Ramp Way, is a few hundred yards away from the current "safe parking" site. 

According to city officials, the new Ramp Way location will offer more shade and space for the homeless while being closer to the controversial "Safe Ground" camping site at Miller Park.

At the "Safe Ground" site, residents will be able to utilize showers. The new "Safe Parking" location will be staffed and open 24/7 with access to portable toilets, storage, meals and case managers, city officials say.

The move comes as the Sacramento Marina prepares for its required annual cleanup which entails the dredging of its boat ramp and marina channel to remove silt buildup deposited by the flow of the Sacramento River.

The cleanup process is expected to take two weeks to complete and requires the dredged materials to be dried for up to three months, encompassing the Front Street site where the "Safe Parking" location is currently occupying.

City officials say they plan to keep the "Safe Parking" site at the new Ramp Way location beyond the completion of the cleanup project. They say the old site on Front Street will be used for overflow parking at the marina.

The city has encouraged cyclists to alter their routes as Ramp Way will be closed to accommodate the "Safe Parking" site.

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