A Sacramento man is collecting donations for a Sacramento woman who pulled over to help someone when she got hit by another car from behind last week.

Troy Goings went over to help Lindsay Shabazian that night.

"I was coming down Roseville Road on the way home from work. When I got a little bit closer, I saw Lindsey's leg probably 20 yards from the car," Goings said. "I got off my bike and went and asked what was going on. They said there's someone stuck underneath the car."

Shabazian lost her legs, cracked her ribs, and broke her pelvis.

"She asked me 'do I have my legs?'" Goings said. "'Did I lose my legs?' And I told her I'm being honest it's not looking good now but today is your first day of recovery."

After the ambulance came and Troy went home, he wanted to make sure that woman he just met was taken care of.

"When I got home I posted the experience I had," Goings said. "I felt like there was more that needed to be done. I didn't feel like I was done. This isn't just helping her. It's helping her for awhile."

Goings is raising money, collecting gift cards, and gifts for Shabazian's kids. Two of them were with her that night.

"I didn't want them to worry about Christmas presents or anything to take the burden off of the family," Goings said. "I wanted to make sure I could help."

Lindsay's mother Penny Shabazian is thankful for all the support and for Troy's help.

He's collecting donations at his office at 1441 Secret Ravine Pkwy #140 in Roseville. There's also a Youcaring page for Lindsay.

"I will fulfill that promise with Lindsey when I said I will be there with you," Goings said. "We're gonna do this together. I mean this. We're gonna be together until she can get through this.