The Sacramento SPCA has a pawspice program for animals with terminal diagnoses that allows them to be adopted and live out their remaining days in a loving home.

In April 2017, a dog named Harry was placed in the program after he was given a maximum of two months to live when he was found on the street and diagnosed with kidney failure.

A year later, Harry is still alive and exploring the world.

"His favorite thing is to go on walks," said Beatriz Gomez, Harry's mom and owner. "He knows as soon as I grab my tennis shoes that he gets to go on for a walk. We're usually out for an hour a day. Likes to say hi to people."

Harry also had a bucket list. Gomez is now adding more to it.

"We crossed off as much as we can so he did a lot," Gomez said. "He went to the beach, he went to the city, he drove a car. The list we had to keep adding stuff on cause he added more days on."

In addition to love, the Sacramento SPCA credits a good diet to Harry living a longer life than expected. However, Gomez knows eventually that all dogs go to heaven.

'It's gonna be a hard day when we have to say 'goodbye' to Harry," Gomez said. "He's my little man and wakes me up in the morning, but I'm happy I've been able to give him a good life."

Harry will be having a one-year anniversary since Gomez brought him home next Tuesday at Truitt Bark Park.

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