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SACRAMENTO — Another business in Sacramento is closing due to online competition.

"We served generations of brides and that's been really nice," David Murai, treasurer of House of Fashion Bridal Salon and Tuxedos, said. "We're really sad in one way we're closing. It's been a fantastic business and we need a rest."

House of Fashion Bridal Salon and Tuxedos on J Street is closing after nearly 60 years in Sacramento. Rather than a farewell, they're calling it a retirement. They say it's time partly because of their main competition: online shopping.

"Girls will come in here and try their wedding gown on and know exactly the size and exactly the color and everything about it and then go online and find it cheaper," David said. "That's our primary competition."

His daughter, Jennifer Davis-Murai, is the manager of the store. Although they say you can find something cheaper, they also note that bridal salons provide an experience.

"When it comes to the wedding dress you do need to try on, have a bridal stylist with you, find what helps you feel good or what makes your body look better than you thought it could. That's what we love about this job," Jennifer said.

Cynthia Your admired the store growing up. When it was her time to buy a wedding dress, she picked one out at House of Fashion Bridal Salon and Tuxedos.

"This establishment has been here forever," Your said. "Growing up here in Sacramento and driving and in this area I would pass by here and say, 'One day I'm gonna go there!'"

Before they close at the end of November 2018, all dresses are on sale.

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