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Here's everything you need to know about surviving the 2022 allergy season

In Northern California, when the wind kicks in, it sends pollen counts very high and trigger allergies for many people.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Mid-April is a prime season for pollen in Northern California. Natural plants and trees easily grow this time of year with ample winter rain and bright sunshine. When the wind kicks in, it will send pollen counts very high and trigger allergies for many people.

Allergy symptoms

The main symptoms of allergies are itchy, watery eyes and nose, which can lead to sneezing. Medical experts say nasal drainage and post-nasal drip can also lead to coughing.

If I've never had allergies before, am I in the clear?

If you grew up in a place like Sacramento, Stockton or Modesto where people are prone to allergies, you are less likely, as an adult, to develop them. However, it is still possible. 

Many people who move to Sacramento, Modesto or Stockton from the Bay Area develop allergies quickly when they arrive. On the other hand, newcomers from further away may not see allergy symptoms for two years because it takes the body a few cycles before developing sensitivities to the pollen.

Here is what medical experts say you can do to take control of your allergies:

  • Keep the windows and doors shut at home
  • Keep the windows closed in your vehicle
  • Take frequent showers to wash pollen off your body and from your hair
  • Kick on your air conditioning at home, instead of opening windows and further exposing yourself to allergens

Allergy medication

If your conditions do not improve after trying to control your allergies yourself, you may consider seeing a doctor for a treatment plan or shots.

Ikeda recommends getting tested to determine what exactly you're allergic to. 

Taking over-the-counter allergy medicine can be the most effective way to combat allergies. However, he says, getting ahead of the game can be helpful, especially with the sprays, because they take a couple of weeks to work effectively. 

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