Hundreds of protestors took over part of J Street in Downtown Sacramento early Wednesday, as they rallied outside the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel where U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke.

They chanted things like, “Jeff Sessions, we don’t want you here.”

Rebecca Lee told ABC10 that she took the day off from work to attend the rally because it was important for her to show support for undocumented immigrants in her community.

“California will fight to stay a sanctuary state,” Lee said. “Sessions needs to know that immigrants are welcome here.”

City, state and community leaders showed up to make it clear that they're ready to fight back against the Trump Administration’s lawsuit against California regarding immigration laws.

“If you want to take us on – bring it on," said California Senate Leader Kevin de León.

Advocates like Pablo Reyes-Morales with Norcal Resists are also gearing up for whatever comes next.

“The battle plan is nothing different other than bring hope,” Reyes-Morales explains. “It means march, protests, civil disobedience, and it means legal pushes – challenging the law by rights.”