A Sacramento woman, seriously injured in a fall, ran into a familiar face while rehabilitating at UC Davis Med Center, someone she credits as an inspiration to her and many others.

On May 7, Margaret Kashuba fell 30 to 40 feet down a cliff along the side of the south fork of the American River. She was in pretty bad shape, she said.

Kashuba was airlifted to the med center where she underwent spine surgery to stabilize broken vertebrae in her neck and back as well as hip surgery to repair her left hip socket, which was fractured from the force of her leg dislocating.

During her time in physical therapy rehabilitation at UC Davis, the Fair Oaks native met CHP Officer Mike Ericson, who was recovering from severe injuries he received while on duty in April.

Ericson, some will recall, was ran over by a suspect driving a stolen truck. That man, later identified as Austin Scott, was arrested shortly after the hit-and-run in Fairfield.

Scott was since charged with attempted murder, evading police and other charges.

The past weekend Ericson and Kashuba were able to connect and update each on their recoveries, she said.

Kashuba said Ericson’s “strength and positive attitude is an inspiration to her and many others.” She said she wishes him the very best.