Truck loads of books are piling up outside the Plumas County library.

Writers from all over the world are donating books to the Greenville Junior/Senior High School Library, which is located 90 miles North East of Chico. Students have been unable to check out books there for over 10 years because budget cuts and staffing issues left the book shelves out dated.

Local writer Margaret Garcia had a dream of re-opening the library, so she posted the school's situation on her blog. Once the post went viral, writers from all over the world started mailing books to the school.

"We were getting books from Austria, Israel, Hungry and Australia,” Garcia said.

More than 15,000 books now fill the library, with some overflow even piled up outside. There is still not enough money in the budget to hire a librarian, but teachers, parents and students are working to catalog the donated books and volunteers plan to make library hours.

"It's what this community needed," Garcia said. "It's something everyone can get behind."

They have more than enough quality books, but what Garcia says the school really needs now are shelves and computers.

The new library is expected to open Aug. 29, the first day of school.