SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento City Council approved a $3.3 million loan for a 159-unit apartment complex on S Street between 17th and 18th streets.

The low-income housing project was envisioned by Ali Youssefi, 35, a local developer who died while battling cancer earlier this year. A few months after he passed away, the Hardin Apartments on K Street opened. Eighty-four of the units are for those who fall in the low-income bracket.

"Ali's last project really represents, for the city, how we can build quality housing downtown in our core and that we can build housing that's affordable," said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. "He had a vision and it's our vision. It's my vision."

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Steinberg was a fierce supporter of Youssefi's projects. He said about half the new S Street units will be set aside for those considered low-income and even some who fall into the middle-income category.

"We remember Ali Youssefi and we'll never forget him," Steinberg said. "He represented all that we want Sacramento to be and all that it is."

A visionary. The future of Sacramento's development. A young man with a huge heart who cared about all people. That's how friends and community leaders describe Youssefi.

"Friendly. Down to earth. He wore his love for the city, his family, and friends on his sleeve. Just a great guy," Steinberg said. "And a good tennis player!"

Youssefi's death was a devastating loss for Sacramento, but his love for his hometown and his vision for the best Sacramento for all continues on.

"[There will be] more things to honor him in a formal way," said Steinberg. "He [had] such an impression in his young life. So many friends. He won't be forgotten. He won't be. His work will be seen for many generations to come."

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