On Thursday night, '916 Hollywood Initiative' hosted a special screening at the Guild Theatre of HBO's 'Baltimore Rising,' the story of Freddie Gray and the protests that went on in the city following his death.

Marc Levin, one of the executive producers was also at the screening to introduce it.

Following the screening was a Q&A with Levin, Dr. Nicole Clavo, and Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

Clavo is best known for all the community work she has done following the 2015 murder of her son JJ, who was killed when gunshots were fired at a car he was riding in.

Cory Jackson with 916HI said Clavo and Chief Hahn are two of the pillars of hope included in a docuseries he and Levin will be working on together, highlighting the problems in the city of Sacramento.

"[Freddie Grey's story] is gonna resonate with what's going on in our city right now," said Jackson.

Jackson has been following Clavo and Chief Hahn for a couple of years, documenting what they've been doing to impact meaningful change.

"We feel our crime epidemic, gang violence, its kind of whats happening across the country," said Jackson. "We've taken extra step, lets find the pillars of hope. We've always talked about the problem, but whats the solution. We see a solution in a new chief of Police who is African-American."

Cory said they wanted to include Chief Hahn in the project, even when he was still with the Roseville Police Department.

"I was honored," said Chief Hahn. "I think we've struggled with this for centuries, relationships of certain neighborhoods with PD. I for one think making true changes will solve [those problems] once and for all for the betterment of our whole city."