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Local Monkeypox clinics expand eligibility

Pucci’s Pharmacy and the Sacramento County of Public Health are teaming up to provide Monkeypox vaccine clinics in the Sacramento area.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Some in the community are drawing parallels from Monkeypox to a epidemic four decades ago. Neil Anthony thinks this is an opportunity to learn from the past.

“One of the things we learned from HIV and AIDS is that we always said if we only knew sooner, if we only had medication if we only had a vaccine well with Monkeypox we know sooner we have medications and we have vaccines o it’s absolutely essential that our community gets out here and gets their vaccinations,” said Anthony.

That’s why Neil Anthony brought his roommate out for a vaccine. Anthony already got his four weeks ago. He said he didn’t experience any side effects or pain and hopes others will get a vaccine because anyone can get Monkeypox. The eligibility for vaccination is also expanding according to Pharmacist Clint Hopkins.

“Today we just recently got approved to vaccinate sex workers anyone who has paid for sex from any gender or any orientation,” said Clint Hopkins PharmD, CEO Pucci’s Pharmacy.

Hopkins is helping with the vaccine rollout after their successful partnership with the county during COVID-19.

“Also, because they knew we were a part of this community and we would have those inroads to get those patients taken care of and identify how to reach into those communities and get them to come out and get vaccinated,” said Hopkins.

 The event vaccinated more than 250 people and had another 100 people with appointments for later in the day. They also had a long line of walk up they were also providing vaccines for. A community coming together to protect one another something many people did not to long ago with COVID-19 vaccines.

There are two ways to get vaccinated right now. Making an appointment with Sacramento County or Pucci’s Pharmacy also has some appointments.

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