Rhombus Systems is moving to Sacramento.

The company uses artificial intelligence to use features like facial recognition, analytics, and region selection to spot any missing items.

The founders have Sacramento roots.

"I'm originally from Sacramento and went to Jesuit High School," said Garrett Larsson, co-founder and CEO of Rhombus Systems.

Larsson explains the camera. There are several throughout their office and hallways at their J Street office.

They started selling the cameras on the market last month.

The cameras are in businesses, schools, and much more.

They're selling them all around the world and here in the Sacramento region.

The cameras are able to notify people of any intruders using facial recognition, pinpoint people's locations through analytics, and track the number of people going into different rooms or in the buildings.

A customer is using it in co-working spaces like The Urban Hive in Sacramento.

"The analytics that it provides to the business owner lets us know how many people are coming in and out of the building everyday," said Corey Robertson.

The company is planning selling to more than just businesses but there are plans to sell to governments.

We brought up the concern over privacy with the cameras.

"Privacy is always a concern for any type of these systems," Larsson said. "Technology can do that with a lot of things. I think if a company uses it with the best intentions and to really make it secure for them or business purposes is really key in all of this."