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Every Labor Day weekend for the past 28 years, artists chalk up the sidewalk surrounding Fremont Park.

At 19 years old, art student Serena Nelson is hoping to make a name for herself at the annual Chalk It Up Festival.

"A lot of people are older so it makes me feel like egotistic," she said. "I'm like, 'Yay, I'm drawing and I'm young.'"

Starting at square one, it's Nelson's first year drawing for Chalk It Up. She was selected to be the volunteer artist for River Trail Consulting.

River Trail Consulting is the fundraising consulting firm that helps the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

"Sacramento blossoms trees, we blossom creativity and I just wanted to play with as many colors as I could to show how many colors we have," she said.

Nelson joins 200 other artists chalking up Fremont Park sidewalks. Each square is $150 to sponsor a square, and all of the money goes directly to fund arts grants in Sacramento.

It's something that comes full circle to her as an art student.

"Having parents who support the arts all my life showed me that it's important to act on your passion and with other people and collaborate on your passions and that's just what this event celebrates which is wonderful to me," she said.

The Chalk It Up Festival in Midtown Sacramento is happening through Labor Day until 6 p.m., and it's free for everyone.

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