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Remembering Melinda Davis: Sacramento shooting victim was unhoused

The photo of Melinda Davis was taken by Eddie Navarro. He wasn't able to get the image of her developed before she was killed in the downtown mass shooting.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Melinda Davis was killed in the mass shooting in Downtown Sacramento on Sunday morning.

On Monday, the Sacramento County Coroners Office identified her as one of the six victims.

A statement from Sacramento Loaves & Fishes said that Davis occasionally used Maryhouse services, a shelter for unhoused women and children, to find respite from the trauma of living on the streets of Sacramento.

"This is a time for us to come together in solidarity and hold space for grief, to that end Loaves & Fishes is here to provide support to the unhoused folks impacted by the violent and traumatic events of early Sunday morning," Loaves & Fishes wrote in a statement.

Eddie Navarro, who works in Sacramento and passed by Davis during his walks through town, said she was a frequent sight at 10th and J Street.

"She's always been kind. She's just a face that you're gonna miss if you're a part of midtown, and you walk through there every day, you're just gonna kind of miss her," Navarro said.

One day, Navarro, who is also a freelance photographer, had his camera out when he passed by her, and she asked him if he could take her picture. He said it's common request from the homeless community. Many told him that "they don't want to be forgotten."

"We just didn't ever get a chance to develop anything, and I just didn't realize it was her today. It was a different picture, you know? She looks different in the picture that that was posted in the news, and then it just dawned on us today that that was actually her," Navarro said.

"I wish I could reach out to the family because the family needs to know that there was somebody that recognized her," he added.

Credit: Eddie Navarro Sr.
Eddie Navarro Sr. takes a photo of Melinda Davis while on a walk in Sacramento. She didn't live to see the developed image.

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