On any given night, it's estimated that more than 3,000 homeless reside in Sacramento County.

One Midtown resident is trying to make sure all of their stories are heard.

Suzon Lucore's paintings are of each person she meets and photographs. Before she started painting Sacramento's homeless population, she passed out free meals to them every Sunday. From there, she felt she could do more to make a bigger impact.

"I just talked to her and I said, 'You're really beautiful. Do you mind if I paint you,'" Lucore said. "She said, 'You want to paint me?' I said, 'Well, I want to paint a picture of you.' And she said, 'OK.'"

Her paintings are colorful and meant to represent different stories.

"I really feel that the homeless population isn't really represented, except for being negative and I wanted to make people stop and look and feel some emotion and compassion," Lucore said. "So the colors are there to attract them."

Lucore asks her subjects for their stories and some are willing to share. Others, like a woman she is currently painting, are hesitant.

"At the end of it I'll probably give her a name," Lucore said. "I don't want to make up a story that doesn't exist. But what I might do is that I like to take pictures of the finished painting and frame them. I'd like to give them to the people that they're of and give it to them."

Lucore doesn't know what she will do with all of her paintings yet. She hopes to open a gallery to have them on display.

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