Sacramento's "916" isn't alone anymore.

The process to introduce new area codes in Sacramento and surrounding areas has begun. Numbers using the 916 area code are expected to run out by March 2018, according to the California Public Utilities Commission.

The CPUC is holding public meetings Monday and Tuesday in Sacramento, Folsom, and Roseville to discuss the adding a new area code.

Adding a new area code, known as an overlay, provides additional prefixes and new telephone numbers for people living in areas served by the 916 area code, including parts of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Solano, Sutter, and Yolo counties.

Zayn Silmi, the founder of @ThePeopleofSacramento is working to launch a new clothing line based on Sacramento's 916 pride.

"The 916 area code is definitely more than just that area code. It's a symbol of Sacramento. It's kind of what Sacramento is all about," Silmi said.

Mock-ups of his soon-to-be released apparel show designs proudly showing the three magic numbers. So what does the introduction of a second area code do to Silmi's business plan? Not much. Silmi said 916 is deeply rooted in Sacramento's history, and those numbers will always represent the city.

"Those three numbers are so symbolic to us they kinda are where you put down your roots," Silmi said. "My phone number is something I wanna keep forever. I love that number!"

Those who already have a 916 number can keep their numbers. However, those requesting new numbers in 2017 will get different area codes.

The 916 area code was created in 1947.